Thursday, July 1, 2010

Simply them

This is dad. 

He's on chemo.

I hate chemo.

The light was pretty, so I had them pose quick. Mom objected.


And I guess....

I sort of forgot I was taking pictures.

And I forgot to stop.

It became me... just watching them.

My lovely parents.

And then my camera started not focusing. But I like it anyway.

Especially this one.


Simply them.

1 comment:

  1. heart warming. really sweet. I'm sitting in bed reading this. not sleeping because jason is at camp and i came home a night early. i used to not mind at all when he wasn't here. he did work third shift for 3 years. i got used to it. since he spent 23 days near death in the hospital at the beginning of the year i hate when he's gone. i can't sleep. i feel like he's still there in that hospital bed and i had to come home for the night to be mommy. this post is really special to read/ see, Amanda. you are right in cherishing every moment. they are each special gifts from God. today is my own parents anniversary and this post means more to be thinking of their deep love and years of faithfulness to each other today. thanks for sharing. love ya!


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