Thursday, July 15, 2010

The hair, the bow and the flower - Family Photographer

I really have an awesome family. Just in case I didn't tell you that before.

Since all my siblings were in the state for my graduation, we did a photo shoot.

Dilemma. How do I do a family shoot for my own family whilst still being in pictures?
Answer. Very carefully. (Translation: ask a friend to help!)

I had a bajillion ideas to use, and a new location to shoot in. Plus, the light was gorgeous.

My family's pretty used to me shooting them (constantly), so they were all up for my crazy ideas. 
 ("Wait, why are we standing in a line??")

I never get tired of this picture. (That was NOT my idea, Brian.)

Or this one. (Hello personalities!!)

I love the little details in this shot. And I love that Hannah is the only one turned the wrong way.... :)

These girls are the most photogenic children I've ever encountered. Josh had a little too much fun shooting them too! (See?? I told you it's waaaay too easy!)

Yup. These are my nieces. (Hannah takes after me.)

I'm realizing more and more what a detail shooter I am.
The hair.

The bow.
The flower.

Hello gorgeous light!

Happy Thursday!

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