Friday, April 30, 2010

Not quite brave enough.

Only a photographer truly confident in their work can show their photos unedited. Straight from the camera (SOOC). Well, I'm not very confident. But I'm trying it anyway. Ok... so I boosted the blacks a few points... but nothing else! I promise!

After it rained tonight, the water lingered. And it was pretty. I snapped these right before we headed out the door...
Won't they look awesome with texture added??

The other one

This is the other sister. :) I was playing around with texture and actions today and used her. Isn't she cute?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Classmates are the best -

Renee is my classmate.

She's a photographer like me.

Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Guess who ends up being the model for class exercises ALL the time? :)

She's engaged, and I had the pleasure of doing her engagement photos. (I really wish I could do your wedding photos...)

The great thing about shooting other photographers is that they know exactly how to pose. 
Most of the time. (Except when they get distracted...)

But hey, they're engaged. I don't blame them. :)

But sometimes it's super intimidating to photograph fellow photographers. Cause they know everything you're doing. Right or wrong.
Cause what if my camera doesn't focus right?? What if all my pictures are over-exposed?? What if they're blurry?? What if she doesn't like how I edit them?? What if...


But, I tried to act as if I knew what I was doing. (Keyword = act)

Really, though, they were a super cute couple. And they put up with the rain for me... :)

I left space in this one just for you, Renee! :)

LOVE this one. :)

Thanks guys! I had a blast. :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beauty speaks when words cannot

I'm tricking you.
If I show you a bad picture first, will you think all the others are great?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of bubbles and sand and flowers | Candid family photos

We babysat the girls all weekend. Guess how many pictures I took?

A lot.

We went outside to play in the sun tonight. But I had to get Grandma and Evie first.

Then we moved on to bubbles.

Cari got a little excited. 
Just a little.

This is my headless picture for the day. (I have to limit myself....)

I swear I do absolutely nothing to enhance her eyes. Nothing.

I couldn't get any better bubble shots. I love bubbles.

We got bored of bubbles. On to the sandbox!

Oops... distraction. 
(First flower picture of the year!)

I know there is some lens flair, but I love the hair. And the light. And the swing. And everything about it.

Then she tried to tickle me. With a stick. How do you tickle someone with a stick?


She was fascinated with the "little apples!"

She befriends trees. And kisses them.

I'm so glad it's spring.
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