Monday, March 29, 2010

Mother's love and little girls.

First off, I'll get the random photos out of the way. We were at Becky and Andy's for lunch yesterday and, like good Normans, we sat around the table and talked for an hour. And of course, the lighting was gorgeous.
This is the impromptu photoshoot that occurred.

I love shooting water. Especially on water proof tablecloths. 

My mother is gorgeous. Isn't she? :)

It must run in the family, cause her granddaughter got it too.

I love Evie. 

She's MY niece. (Not yours. She's mine.)

You have to be a fast photographer to catch all her different moods. Here's a sequence of photos I took in about 3 seconds:

See?? Isn't she cute?

If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for eyelashes. And my f1.4 lens. (Tidbit for photographers: this is short lighting, two thirds facial angle, open loop, window lighting.)

This is my sister Becky. You've seen her before. She's beautiful too.

Obviously, the cuteness keeps getting passed on.

(Sheesh, why didn't I get any?)

I love the moments that happen between mother-daughters.

Then, we played around and had some fun. I know this is photo is a bit odd, but it's one of my favorites for the day.

Moments like this make me say, wow!

Evie wasn't cooperating.

Jesus must love beauty.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Low key

Brian is a low key kinda guy. 

He occasionally lets me take pictures of him.

But only when he's in a good mood.

He's kinda quiet and reserved - at first. Then you can't shut him up. (I know I know... I'm such a nice sister...)

Did I mention he loves Jesus?

A lot. 

Plus, he's kinda good lookin'. (I said "kinda" Brian... don't let that head get too big!)

And he poses awesome for me when I ask him to.

Yup. That's my brother.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Brian's sacrifice -

Brian sacrificed his hair for dad's sake. 

He's clearly suffering.

Becky's sick of doing hair all the time! :)

Brian likes the new do. "Can you put pictures on facebook??"

It's an obvious sacrifice. 

Now to convince mom to shave her head... :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random thoughts on a visit.

So there's this guy named Jose...

Not him. That's Brian. Ignore him. 
Jose came from the Dominican Republic to meet us. (He's dating Mel, you see...)
While he was here, we went out to eat for mom's birthday. 
I couldn't resist snapping a cute one.

Jose's chowing down on Chinese food. Mmmm...

"And THIS is how big your head is..."

The Chinese people were so sweet. They brought out oranges for mom's birthday. 

Melissa wasn't so sure about that eggroll...

We went shopping; just us girls. And had fun trying on sunglasses.

It was cold.
Very cold!

Before they left, Mel and Jose made us some sort of Dominican food that I can't spell. It was delicious. 

During the week, I also took a few pictures of them - "professional style". Those are coming soon. :) 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brian | aka Spiffy

Brian looked spiffy on Sunday. Mucho spiffy. So I begged him to do pictures. BEGGED. Cause that's what sisters are for, right?
He obliged.


I have decided that I really like taking pictures of people's hands and feet - pretty much anything besides the head. 

Oops. I lied. I like eyes too. 

Not that I don't like heads. Cause I do. 

Heads make funny expressions. (Faces, heads... same thing...)

I've also decided that I really like it when people do their own expressions and posing, with little or no help from me.

And I only like cell phones in pictures when they aide the model in smiling. Otherwise, they can be distracting.

Falling roofs are helpful for unique expressions. 

I take a lot of vertical photos. 

Backlighting is my new favorite thing to do. 

And... brothers are the best. Love you bud!
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