Saturday, July 17, 2010


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I can't post without a picture. :)

Can't wait to show you the rest of Rachel and Jason's pictures!! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The hair, the bow and the flower - Family Photographer

I really have an awesome family. Just in case I didn't tell you that before.

Since all my siblings were in the state for my graduation, we did a photo shoot.

Dilemma. How do I do a family shoot for my own family whilst still being in pictures?
Answer. Very carefully. (Translation: ask a friend to help!)

I had a bajillion ideas to use, and a new location to shoot in. Plus, the light was gorgeous.

My family's pretty used to me shooting them (constantly), so they were all up for my crazy ideas. 
 ("Wait, why are we standing in a line??")

I never get tired of this picture. (That was NOT my idea, Brian.)

Or this one. (Hello personalities!!)

I love the little details in this shot. And I love that Hannah is the only one turned the wrong way.... :)

These girls are the most photogenic children I've ever encountered. Josh had a little too much fun shooting them too! (See?? I told you it's waaaay too easy!)

Yup. These are my nieces. (Hannah takes after me.)

I'm realizing more and more what a detail shooter I am.
The hair.

The bow.
The flower.

Hello gorgeous light!

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


My first wedding - 

Completely untouched and unedited.

Straight from the camera. 

I love them all. :)

Congrats Rachel and Jason!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Singing albums

I got really excited yesterday.

 Rachel and Jason's album had finally arrived!!

They're getting hitched tomorrow, and this is their guestbook/signature book.

I love albums with pretty pictures inside.

And I can't wait to capture their marriage tomorrow.
I swear.... angels will be singing!! :)

Even though angels don't sing.

But I will.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Things can get crazy at photo shoots sometimes.

Ok, so I go crazy at photo shoots sometimes. 

When I arrived to shoot this lovely family, I couldn't figure out why my camera's focus point wasn't moving! I panicked. Somehow(Don't ask me how...), I made it through the photo session with the focus locked in the top left corner. I thought for sure my camera was broken, and I was sure all my pictures were out of focus!! I wanted to cry. 
I ran to the nearest National Camera Exchange as soon as we were done. The lady there must've thought I was nuts. 
"I can't figure out why my focus position isn't moving!!"
"Well, do you have it locked?"

Locked? As in... hello? Don't you know how to use your dSLR camera??
I had accidentally flipped a switch that locked my focus position in place. Pretty sure the switch was in plain sight the entire shoot, and I never bothered to look. Pretty sure I've used it a million times. Pretty sure I felt like a moron. Pretty sure I fail at taking pictures! :)
Yeah well... I laughed. Hard. So did the lady at National. 
"Oh, don't feel bad! It happens all the time!"
Ahuh. Sure it does. :)

Anyway, I had a lovely time with the Stampers! Despite my mishaps, we got some AWESOME pictures... and I wish I could share all the moments with you. Here are just a few!

I LOVE toes.

Moments like this make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Grandma has a handful. Or two.

Ella thinks she's a princess.
She had me fooled. :)

Elizabeth flew all the way from Guam to be with her family! It was so fun to have her there!

Jonas is a biiiig fan of his sisters. 

Loves them a lot.

This family has been through SO much in the past 6 months... They are blessed to have each other.

The girls were great sports! Jumping on each other in the grass was quite the adventure. :)

Thanks for letting me hang out with your family, Beth! :)

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